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Web Copywriting Course

Power Copywriting For The Internet
Killer web copywriting course from Bob Serling

If you'd like to pull in more sales and more profits with every web
marketing piece you create, check out this powerful promise from Bob
Serling, the leading expert on high-profit, low-cost marketing...

Now you can increase your profits as much as 917%
with a simple, proven formula for creating much more
effective web copy

Do all your web promotions get the results you're really after? Are
they as profitable as you'd like them to be?

Even if your web marketing pieces are doing alright - wouldn't you like
to increase your results substantially, even by as much as 9 times?

One of Bob Serling's clients did just that. Using what I'm about to
show you, he increased his profits by 917%. Many others increased their
profits by 300% or more, as well.

How have Bob's clients managed to produce such remarkable results time
and time again? And how can you start enjoying similar results with
your web marketing?

The answer is simple. If you want to improve your sales and profits
exponentially, the secret to doing it is:

More powerful concepts and copy!

It's really that easy. Look, I don't care how great your product or
service is, how attractive the design of your web site may be, what
opt-in lists you're using, how high you place in the search engines, or
how unique any other component of your web marketing might be.

It's all a waste of time if you don't have the kind of powerful,
compelling sales copy that converts the maximum number of prospects to
cash-paying customers.

The bottom line is this: If you don't do an exceptional job of
motivating your prospects to take immediate action... if you bore them
for one second... if you confuse them... or don't do the strongest job
possible of closing them once you have their attention...

You're cheating yourself out of all
the profits you could be earning.

I'm sure you know from experience that this is absolutely true. Haven't
you had days when the traffic to your site broke all previous records -
but sales didn't budge at all?

Or haven't you created copy to revamp your home page or copy for a new
promotion on your site you were sure would sell like crazy - only to
have it fail dismally?

Bob has heard this story many times before - because over 90% of his
clients tell him they've been through this.

They also tell him they wish they were much better at writing web copy.
Or they knew more about how to effectively judge and improve the copy
they get from the copywriting people they hire.

Here's How To Put An End To Poor Results
- And Start Increasing Your Sales And Profits Right Away

If you'd like to put an end to the dismal results you've been
getting... if you'd like to be able to write the kind of copy that
makes products disappear off the shelves and sells services like
crazy... if you'd like to super-charge the performance of every web
marketing piece you create, I've got good news for you.

Bob has just created a powerful new program that will show you,
step-by-step, everything you need to know to craft the tightest, most
compelling copy imaginable. Copy that sells and sells - then sells some

It's called Power Copywriting For The Internet - A Step-By-Step Guide
To Writing Million-Dollar Advertising Copy.

One thing you should know. This program is unlike anything you've ever
seen. You see, after following the rules all the so-called web
marketing experts promote for creating copy - and suffering from
extremely poor sales as a result - Bob decided to do things completely

He decided to turn things upside down, inside out, mercilessly kill
what didn't work, keep only those few things that proved they produce
actual sales... and "marry" all of this to what he had learned as a
highly paid direct response copywriting genius.

Once Bob came up with his web copy "power formula," he put it to the
test the only place it really counts - in the market place. To be
perfectly frank, not all of it worked. But most of it proved
exceptionally successful.

So Bob went back to the drawing board, tweaked things here, fine-tuned
things there, and continued to test and refine his "power formula"
until it performed like crazy. Then he tested some more.

You Get Tested, Proven Techniques... Not Some
Useless Ivory-Tower Academic Theory

All this testing paid off handsomely. Because what Bob ended up with
was a web copy "power formula" that's been exceptionally more
profitable than anything else he ever tried.

For example, perhaps you saw his recent web promotion for a
teleconference call on web marketing. That promotion was created in
just a few hours using the template for his "power formula".

How well did it do? It brought in a whopping 7% response. And I mean 7%
of all people who received the promotion signed up for the conference
call at $197 per person.

Compare that to the meager 0.5% response that's the industry standard
for web marketing, even for products that sell for far less than what
the teleconference call sold for. That's a 1400% increase in sales!

Bob worked 18 months and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to
test and perfect this powerful approach. Now, for the first time, he's
taken the entire formula and broken it down step-by-step into a simple
recipe anyone can follow to produce record-breaking sales. It's all
there in Bob's new program, Power Copywriting For The Internet.

Now, I could tell you about all the great results I know you'll get by
using this program. But instead, I'm going to let Bob's own clients
show you in hard dollars and cents just how well his copy techniques

Here's How Profitable The Copywriting "Power Formula"
Has Been For Bob Serling's Clients

web copywriting testimonials

If you'd like to start getting similar results, Power Copywriting For
The Internet is for you. Whether you're completely new to writing web
copy or a seasoned pro, these techniques will have a powerful impact on
your sales and profits.

A Unique Approach Makes It Easy To Write Powerful Web Copy

The biggest complaint many new web marketers have is that all the books
they read on copywriting tell them "what" to do but don't show them how
to do it. Power Copywriting For The Internet is different.

It's set up as a step-by-step program that shows you everything from
start to finish on how to craft powerful, compelling web copy.

First, each step of the "power formula" is laid out in complete detail.
Bob leaves no step unturned. The entire process is revealed in
comprehensive detail, giving you a paint-by-numbers model you can plug
in any time you want to create highly profitable web copy.

But it doesn't just stop there. You see, after Bob carefully explains
each step of his power formula, he kicks the whole process up another
notch. The next section of the program is in a workshop format. This
gives you a comprehensive demonstration of the entire formula in

The First Annotated Web Copy Workshop -
Your Key To Consistent Success

While designing this program, Bob started thinking about a very elusive
problem so many of his clients told him they were troubled by. They
told him they could recognize a good - or even great - ad or marketing
piece when they saw one. But they didn't know what made it great.

They told Bob it would help them make more money if an exper writer of
copy would dissect a proven web marketing piece, block by block, to
show precisely what he was thinking when he wrote every component.

So Bob agreed to do just that. He took one of his most successful
promotions and broke it down block by block to show you every last
detail of how it was created. As he proceeds through each block of the
promotion, he fully explains every strategy and technique and answers
every question you could imagine to get to the heart of how to create
highly profitable web copy.

Bob puts every detail under the microscope - so you can see precisely
how to use every tip, trick, and technique in the power formula to its
full advantage.

You'll see exactly what Bob's strategy was, the reasoning behind the
structure he chose, which key selling points he focuses on, as well as
why and in what order. And you'll get precise instructions on how to
plug in the "recipe" to successfully sell any product or service.

For the first time anywhere, you'll have an insider's opportunity to
understand every key factor of a highly effective sales piece. And
you'll be able to take the hands-on lessons and apply them to your own
web marketing pieces for spectacular results.

Here's a quick look at just some of the powerful advantages you'll gain
from this unique, comprehensive training:
* Profit from the 31-Step Internet Copywriting Power Formula. Web
copy requires its own unique approach in order to be as successful
as possible. Customers have become more sophisticated and much more
skeptical when it comes to advertising, especially on the Net. So
it's essential that you get things right the first time, or else
you'll lose the chance of making a sale forever.
This doesn't have to happen to you. By understanding and applying
these 31 simple yet ingenious steps, you'll be able to create
powerful Internet marketing copy that brings in more traffic,
closes more sales, and substantially increases your profits. You'll
have a distinct advantage you can use to capture a larger share of
your market - and leave your competitors in the dust!
* Discover the real differences between online copy and offline copy.
There are a lot of myths and rumors about what works online and
what doesn't. Bob clears them all up for you in short order.
How is online copy similar to offline? How is it different? And
what components make your Internet copy the most profitable? You'll
find out what's a waste of time and energy, what to avoid at all
costs, and what you must have to maximize your online sales.
* Immediately kick your sales copy up another notch by understanding
the one crucial component for producing riveting copy that nearly
writes itself. You'll be shocked when you discover this component.
I'll tell you this: It's by far the most important thing you can do
to improve the selling power of your Internet copy. Yet it's almost
never used by even the most seasoned writer of good copy.
* "Power Pre-Requisites" - what you must have in place before you
ever write a word of copy. Getting your prospects to respond is
nearly a done deal when you have these components in place. But
without them, you expose your marketing to far more risk than
necessary. Don't put your sales at risk. Plug these components in
and watch your sales rocket up the charts.
* How to create headlines that compel almost any reasonable prospect
to stop and read your marketing piece. Headlines are one of the
most important components of any marketing piece. Years of testing
have proven that a single headline change can increase your results
by as much as 400%.
Yet most of the headline formulas being taught today are completely
useless. If there's too much hype... if you bore your prospects...
if the message isn't crystal clear with the most impact possible...
you're done for. Find out everything you need to create powerful,
believable, high-impact headlines and start enjoying increased
profits right away.
* The inside secret of Pre-emptive Strike Credibility. More sales are
lost within the first page or two of copy than you could possibly
imagine. This is truly a shame, since it doesn't have to happen.
Find out how to use Pre-emptive Strike Credibility to turn this
situation around entirely, get prospects to treat you like a
trusted advisor, and increase your sales in record time.
* Gain another crucial advantage by understanding "Power Words" and
"Deadly Words." Some words are absolutely golden. Others can
instantly flush all your time, effort, and money down the drain.
You'll improve your sales when you know which words add maximum
selling power to your copy - and which words to avoid like the
* Discover how to avoid crucial copywriting errors that doom your
promotions to be shot directly to the recycled file or trash bin.
These days, one thing is certain. The marketplace is unforgiving.
If your copy slows your prospects down, confuses them, doesn't
hammer home the benefits as powerfully as possible, or makes them
work too hard - you're doomed.
Discover which crucial errors you absolutely have to avoid at all
costs. And find out how to turn them around and add yet even more
weapons to your Internet copywriting arsenal.
* Increase the selling power of all your copy by creating maximum
response offers. I'll let you in on a major secret. In today's
market, your offer makes or breaks your success. Crafting a
powerful, highly profitable offer is easy when you understand how.
You'll get comprehensive details on how to do just that and start
enjoying greater sales volume right away.
* Harness the immense selling power of the only two things people
really buy. The simple fact is, people really only buy two things -
solutions to their worst problems, or ways to achieve their most
important goals. Get complete, step-by-step details on how to imbed
these powerful motivators into all your copy, resulting in even
greater levels of sales.
* How to use Bob's proprietary "piggyback" offer technique to add 30%
or more profit to every sale you make. This is so simple, you can
have it up and running in less than half an hour. Yet it will
produce additional profits for you day-in and day-out for years to
* Bump your sales up another notch with the "inverted piggyback"
offer technique. This takes the prior technique one step further
with often incredible results. You'll see how Bob has used it time
and time again to increase profits as much as 70% - all for about 5
minutes of additional work.
* How to use "Power Packaging" to increase your sales by 50% or more.
Over the past 16 years, Bob has invested hundreds of thousands of
dollars to determine which factors truly have a substantial impact
on sales. One of the most effective and inexpensive to implement
techniques he developed is "Power Packaging." In this course, he
shows you how easy it is to blend this powerful strategy into your
copy and gain impressive sales increases overnight.
* How an ingeniously simple technique called "shifting the risk" can
double or triple your sales immediately. One of the greatest
barriers to making the sale is your prospect's natural skepticism.
They've been lied to, cheated, and burned by unscrupulous
businesses more times than they care to remember.
Bob shows you how to overcome this serious problem by "shifting the
risk" completely off the customer and onto you - plus how to
eliminate almost all real risk at the same time, and double or even
triple your sales.
* And there's much more - including all of Bob's insider techniques
for writing powerful sentences and paragraphs... how to identify
your most compelling benefits... how to make optimum use of visuals
and graphics... how to check copy to make sure it will sell before
you ever invest a cent in it... proven testing methods for
squeezing every last dime of profit out of your copy... and even
more than I have room to go into here.

Bob reveals every last strategy and technique he's used to sell
literally millions of dollars worth of products and services on the
Internet. No holds barred.

Let me put it this way. Regardless of whether you're a complete
beginner who has never written a single word of copy or a seasoned pro
who writes copy for a living, this intensive training will turn you
into a master of maximum sales, maximum profit Internet copy.

You'll never again have to spin your wheels writing and rewriting your
copy. You'll never again have to settle for poor results because of
lukewarm copy. Power Copywriting For The Internet gives you all the
tools you need to create top flight copy that delivers maximum sales
and maximum profits.

With that in mind, let's take a look at all of the components of the

Here's What's Included In This Innovative Program

This in-depth program gives you a multitude of powerful advantages. You
get everything I've just covered above, plus much more, in the
following components:

Power Copywriting For The Internet - A Step-By-Step Guide
To Writing Million-Dollar Advertising Copy

This comprehensive, 149-page book is the foundation of the entire
program. Everything I've just described above is covered in complete
detail. Most marketing material tells you what to do and very little
else. That's not the case here. Not only are you told what to do, the
reasoning behind every step you take is thoroughly explained. And, most
important of all, you are given complete step-by-step details showing
you precisely how to carry out each step.

At the same time, Bob has kept it as lean and tight as possible. He
doesn't waste a minute of your valuable time with useless fluff or

In addition, the annotated workshop takes you through the actual
creation of a highly profitable web marketing piece, giving you a
paint-by-numbers model you can use to create your own successful

That in itself is quite a lot. But it's just the beginning. You see,
this is simply the most comprehensive package you could ever ask for.
Nothing has been left for you to wonder about.

In addition to Bob's own advice on high-profit copywriting, he's
interviewed five of the sharpest, most successful marketers on the
Internet to bring you even more powerful advice you can take to the

In five separate, one-hour interviews, Declan Dunn, Audri Lanford,
Corey Rudl, Marlon Sanders, and Joe Vitale bring you dozens of ways to
make your Internet copywriting and marketing more successful. Here's
just a portion of what's covered:
* The best ways to drive major traffic to your web site
* The single most important marketing method for succeeding on the
* Incredibly effective low-cost and no-cost marketing techniques
* How online copy differs from traditional copy - if you don't follow
some basic rules, you're wasting your time and money
* The best ways to structure an online offer
* Hard facts on what sells and what doesn't sell online
* Impressive success stories of companies you've never heard of
* Common mistakes to avoid
* How to cash in with affiliate programs
* What the future holds for Internet marketing.
* And much, much more.

Now, here's a little more information on the 5 featured experts:

BONUS #1: Interview with Declan Dunn

Declan is a leading authority on substantially increasing your sales
with affiliate programs. And he's also one of the most effective
Internet marketers and writers of copy you'll ever meet. A widely
sought-after speaker and consultant to companies like PriceLine, CNET,
and Travelocity, as well as hundreds of small to medium-sized
businesses, Declan brings a wealth of practical, proven techniques to
this interview.

BONUS #2: Interview with Audri Lanford

Audri Lanford is the CEO of NETrageous, Inc., and has one of the most
successful sites on the Internet. Her vast knowledge of copywriting and
marketing on the Net has garnered coverage in over 100 publications
including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Business Week. A master
of proven, low-cost web marketing techniques, Audri reveals powerful
strategies and techniques you can use to start making more sales

BONUS #3: Interview with Corey Rudl

Corey Rudl brings in over 1.8 million visitors to his web sites every
month - which produce annual sales of over $6.6 million. So you can bet
he knows Internet copywriting and marketing just about as well as
anyone on the Net. Corey shines in this interview, revealing dozens of
inexpensive and unconventional ways to dramatically increase your
success on the Net.

BONUS #4: Interview with Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders has written some of the most successful web marketing
promotions on the Net. His client list reads like a "Who's Who" of
e-commerce. Plus, Marlon has his own successful site that brings in
thousands of dollars in sales daily - and requires only about an hour
of Marlon's time each day. You won't want to miss the powerful
information Marlon shares in this stellar interview.

BONUS #5: Interview with Joe Vitale

Joe Vitale was one of the first writers of copy to pioneer successful
writing techniques specifically for the Internet. He's the author of
some of the best books available on marketing including "Cyberwriting"
which you can get from Amazon. In this no-holds-barred interview,
Joe reveals a load of secrets for making your Internet copy and
marketing produce results beyond your greatest expectations.

It's Easy To Get Started

[_] Yes Please! I am taking you up on your incredible offer today at
the steeply discounted price of $47 which saves me over 70% from the
normal retail price.

Getting started couldn't be easier. The cost of this powerful
business-building program is normally $157. You can have it for a
limited time at the discounted price of $47. That includes Bob's
complete "power formula," the annotated workshop session, and all 5

Even though the price is extremely reasonable, here's what's really
important. If this program was just another set of "tell you what to
do" techniques without showing you precisely how to do it... another
light-weight program that just leaves you broke and frustrated, it
wouldn't matter what the price is. It wouldn't be worth it.

But if you can know with complete certainty that every web marketing
piece you write will successfully achieve your goal, whether it's
getting a steady new stream of new customers... doubling or tripling
your revenues... cashing in with lucrative backend sales... or whatever
your specific marketing goal may be... and having the skill to do this
year after year for as long as you're in business, what is that
actually worth to you?

I can't put an exact dollar figure on it for you - only you can do
that. But I can tell you this: at $47, this program could very possibly
be the best bargain and the best investment you'll ever make.

To get on track to making all of your Internet marketing as profitable
as possible, you can order now online using Clickbanks secure order

Remember the price was

copywriting - price drop image-

Buy now - I dont know how much longer I can offer it at this amazingly
low price.

[_] Yes I want it Now! I am taking you up on your incredible offer
today at the bargain discounted price of $47 which saves me over 70%
from the normal retail price.

copywriting - buy now button-

copywriting - credit card buy now-

copywriting for the web-

Let's Take This Up Another Notch - I Invite You To Fully Test
This Program While Putting All Of The Risk Entirely On Me

Now, in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make
it foolproof for you.

You've already heard what his clients have to say about how much
they've profited. So here's what I'd like you to do. Use Bob's
copywriting "power formula" for yourself for a full 60 days with no
risk whatsoever. The risk is completely mine.

You can "test drive" the power formula as many times as you like. Since
the entire formula is easy to apply and costs very little to put into
action, it will be a breeze to get in dozens of no-cost or low-cost

Your Success Is Completely Backed By Clickbanks No-Nonsense Guarantee

copywriting tip guarantee

Take Control Of How Profitable Your Web
Marketing Can Be - Starting Today!

You already know what a difference truly powerful sales copy can make.

Weak, ineffective copy produces weak, ineffective results. Worse yet,
it can absolutely flatten your sales and profits.

Powerful, compelling copy has the ability to deliver exceptional
profits. And I'm sure that's the kind of result you're really after.

From the moment you start using Power Copywriting For The Internet,
you'll eliminate having to worry about the quality of your copy. This
program will give you the skills to create powerful, highly profitable
copy time and time again. And if you use outside writers, you'll have
the ability to know right from the get go whether or not your writer
has delivered a high-profit winner.

Don't wait. Take a minute and place your order right now. Power
Copywriting For The Internet will give you the crucial skills you need
to substantially increase your sales starting today. And year after
year for as long as you're in business.

PLUS there's more - in addition to the five audio bonuses there will be
more secret bonuses added available to anyone who purchases.

copywriting - buy now button-

copywriting - credit card buy now-


copywriting - signature

P.S. Remember, the risk is entirely on me. By acting right now, you get
the complete program, all 5 powerful bonuses, plus any other additional
bonus I may add for download after purchase.

Plus get these other great bonuses

10000 Words and phrases that sell a $47 value

Huge selection of words and phrases that can be used to generate
headlines and bullet points or just to add to your sales letters and

Killer Sales Letters a $97 value

How to write effective online and offline sales letters - the perfect
complement to Power Copywriting for the Web.

10 Ways to Write more Effective Ads a $47 value

Discover how to write ads that convert.

Thats nearly 200 dollars of added bonuses in addition to the valuable
audio recordings from some of the most well known internet names.

Plus, it's incredibly easy to put into action. All it takes to convert
your weak, ineffective marketing pieces into major winners is applying
a few of these simple techniques.

Why cheat yourself out of all the profit you're entitled to? To get on
a fast track to greater sales and profits, place your order right now.

copywriting - buy now button-

copywriting - credit card buy now-

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